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Black Tea 

Black Tea

The benefits of drinking Black Tea are really remarkable, so don’t let the abundance of green tea advocates and cheerleaders distract you from what black tea has to offer! In addition to having the highest caffeine level of any other tea variety, the health benefits of black tea from Ceylon include but are not limited to lowering cholesterol, sl...

  • Black Tea in Bags
    Black Tea in Bags

    Black Tea in Bags - Sometimes a bag of black tea can make the difference between a good day and a bad day. That’s why we at Tea River recommend always keeping one handy in case of emergencies.

    Whatever your poison, our selection of savory, umbral brews from around the planet is guaranteed to satiate your darkest desires. 

  • Loose Leaf Black Tea
    Loose Leaf Black Tea

    Loose Leaf Black Tea If you look closely at the leaves themselves, there’s nothing “loose” about them. These tight, hand-rolled little coils are bursting with ripe spices notes and theaflavins (a potent antioxidant), that will excite and sooth you all at once.

    What’s more, these black tea canisters represent the height of black tea quality. True connoisseurs respect with dedication to quality that this level of tea demands; casual tea drinkers marvel at the depth and range of flavor.  

  • Black and Herbal Tea Fusion
    Black and Herbal Tea...

    Black and Herbal Tea Infusion Black tea is known for many things, but subtly is not always among them.

    This selection of black and herbal tea infusions introduces a novel range of tasting notes to the flavor profile of black tea. From thyme, cardamom, and coriander to blackcurrant, lavender, and wine, there is no telling what you will find mixed up in your tea; all we can tell you is that it will taste delicious. 

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